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<lejonet> pie_: You get a rootkit, you get a rootkit, everyone gets a rootkit! :P
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<JJJollyjim> ugh more stuff came up, might not be free for a while, please go ahead once it hits the top of your list :)
<pie_> lejonet: :D
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<qyliss> JJJollyjim: okay, thanks for everything you've done so far :)
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<qyliss> grr, I converted the networking to ipv6, but connman isn't getting an IPv6 address from my home netwrok
<qyliss> so communication between VMs works fine, but I still can't do IPv6 to the internet
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<puck> qyliss: you might need to enable the NDP proxy
<puck> yeah, i think you might need an NDP proxy. patchpanel has one of them, but ndppd will probably work too
<pie_> i just watched a 2016 defcon tlak on elfbac (link not on hand) , sometihng about rwx permission enforcement between execution phases and elf sections (so controlling when and what libraries have access to; "you dont want anything other than your crypto libs accesing your ssh keys")
<pie_> and im like, everytihng is heading towards fake processes and microkernels
<pie_> s/defcon/blackhat
<pie_> here https://yewtu.be/watch?v=YXh2aIc9u64 the github repos havent been touched in at least 5 years tho
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<qyliss> puck: hmm, but this should just be like a normal client on my network?
<qyliss> like, it's the VFIOed ethernet device that isn't getting a v6 address
<qyliss> oh fuck I bet it's because I'm doing forwarding
<puck> yep
<qyliss> I was reading something about that the other day
<qyliss> oh haha it was from the person who runs the VPS host spectrum-os.org is hosted on
<qyliss> "This appears to be a type of boolean that I wasn't previously familiar with -- one that has three different values"
<MichaelRaskin> The more I see, the more I think that the real WTF about TRUE, FALSE, FILENOTFOUND is people still believing in anything being and staying two-state
<MichaelRaskin> (default/all/eth0 interaction is still a mess, of course)
<Profpatsch> “if you set it to 2 it silently sets it to 1 and then continues doing the wrong thing”
<Profpatsch> ahhhh yes, classic C move, “0b10 is boolean for true”
<Profpatsch> but I guess the more important question: how does Linux deal with wrong values in these files anyway? dmesg a warning and use the previous value?
<MichaelRaskin> For many of these, not just dmesg, but also EIO
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<aaronjanse> How much of spectrum is implemented so far?
<aaronjanse> It looks like the spectrum-run stuff is pretty cool. Is there a way to launch these declaratively?
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<qyliss> aaronjanse: not really, yet
<qyliss> that's part of the plan I haven't done yet
<qyliss> everything so far has been in the weeds VM work, working on virtual machine monitors, researching protocols, etc
<aaronjanse> Ah got it, no problem. If there's any way for me to help, I'd love to do so
<qyliss> there's some maintenance work in our Nixpkgs tree I could have taken off my hands, if you're interested?
<qyliss> updating some packages, and then once that's done merging in upstream Nixpkgs (it's been six months since I last did that oops)
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