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<pie_> so...this isnt /really/ relevant, at least not directly, but this works https://stackoverflow.com/a/22604411 . tl;dr you can forward a usb bluetooth device into an android vm. (most ? internal bluetooth devices are exposed as usb). this is useful if youre dealin with something that only lets you use a device with the phone app...
<pie_> the android-x86 project provides an iso image from which an android vm can easily be run
<pie_> i havent actually managed to use the device i want, but i have bluetooth discovery working pretty easily, so its almost there right? for some reason the stuff via the android gui isnt working for me thuogh and im messing with btmgmt over the cli
<pie_> </misc>
<pie_> I guess I'm just excited that I might be able to avoid a phone for some things. android in a vm is news to me.
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<ehmry> qyliss: hey, I just read your blog post, and regarding infrastructure, there is a hydra availble to you when you need it https://hydra.hq.c3d2.de/
<ehmry> which is also the unofficial genode build hydra
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