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<lejonet> qyliss: yeah, there are some minimum things that should exist (as in nice to have, not need to have) in a minimal init, like at least a /dev, usually /proc and sometimes /sys too, I've even seen recommendations of at least adding /dev/console and /dev/zero as special devices
<lejonet> The "minimal" initramfs I use as a base for my gentoo systems I still have even has /dev/{urandom,random,null} and /bin/{sh,busybox} but the latter is soley because I have a rescue_shell function in my initscript
<qyliss> Yeah, I'm building up to that
<qyliss> I get /dev/console and /dev/zero for free from the kernel
<qyliss> As long as /dev exists to begin with :P
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> You do not want to go 9p-root yet?
<lejonet> qyliss: just holler if you want a copy of the initramfs I have, including the init with rescue_shell, would be no problem to fix a tarball for you
<xantoz> lejonet: I used to do the same for initramfs on my gentoo systems. Recently I've taken to shoving a minimal alpine linux rootfs in there, just as a shortcut to get a busybox environment
<xantoz> just saves the time of having to build static versions of lvm & cryptsetup etc. and put in there
<xantoz> a reference, if it's of any use: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Custom_Initramfs
<xantoz> qyliss: I usually run w/o CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y. I usually need only to put a static /dev/console node into the initramfs itself, then in the init script I mount /proc /sysfs and devtmpfs on /dev, in that order
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<IdleBot_51f8eb57> xantoz: for the actual system boot I just use a crazy large initramfs with dynamic linking to glibc and all that
<xantoz> I just use the default on NixOS, as well
<xantoz> On gentoo I have the tradition(?) of rolling my own. Also rolled my own for some overlayfs story for an embedded system or two, to avoid writing to the SD-card
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> I think NixOS still tries to build something static
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