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<qyliss> Trying a kernel with CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y
<qyliss> > devtmpfs: error mounting -2
<pie__> short and sweet
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> qyliss: looks like the kernel wanted to mount devtmpfs and found no /dev for mounting it?
<multi> that seems like a reasonably face-value guess
<qyliss> IdleBot_51f8eb57: oh nice though
<qyliss> *thought
<multi> *reasonable
<samueldr> could it be related to the kernel having some kind of base fs as a cpio archive in it, where I presume an empty dev folder would exist?
<samueldr> I've seen that in some kernel builds, a sint cpio archive with like almost nothing in there
<samueldr> a tiny cpio archive*
<qyliss> In this case it's a squashfs with only /nix
<qyliss> So I think IdleBot_51f8eb57 is probably right :)
<qyliss> Indeed he was
<samueldr> >> Shortly after mounting rootfs during bootup, the kernel extracts a gzipped cpio archive into it.[2] Each 2.6 kernel image has one of these archives built into it, but by default it's empty
<samueldr> right, is this a full boot or something else?
<qyliss> It's a boot to an init that does echo hello world
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> To be honest, I did not do a pure guess, I searched and then made sense of the first result with an actual discussion
<qyliss> My search failed to turn up anything
<qyliss> Curious what you searched for
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> (DDG) devtmpfs: error mounting -2
<IdleBot_51f8eb57> Sixth result, slacky.eu thread