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<qyliss> Hmm, VIRTWL_IOCTL_RECV doesn't take flags
<qyliss> So I couldn't even easily extend it to support MSG_DONTWAIT
<qyliss> This is really annoying because the virtio_wl kernel module does support nonblocking reads, if the whole socket is O_NONBLOCK
<qyliss> puck: how bad an idea would it be to make Wayland fcntl O_NONBLOCK before reading if it can't use MSG_DONTWAIT, and then set it back after?
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<puck> qyliss: i have No Idea
<puck> to some degree adding support for flags onto the ioctl seems like it'd be a little more useful in general, but hey :p
<qyliss> Yeah but then I have to write kernel code
<qyliss> And probably fix sommelier
<qyliss> I guess I can try the O_NONBLOCK way for now, and if we get Wayland freezes we'll know that's the likely culprit
<qyliss> And I can go back and add flag support later once this all works
<qyliss> (And I have more runway)
<qyliss> A long-shot kernel goal would be to have normal recvmsg(2) work on virtio_wl fds
<qyliss> I don't think there's any reason in principal it couldn't be done
<qyliss> And would save a lot of patching
<MichaelRaskin> Ideally upstream eventually mainlines virtio_wl as a socket transport comparable to TCP/IP sockets…
<MichaelRaskin> Some day…
<MichaelRaskin> (and without losing support for sending memfd's)
<qyliss> Yeah, ideally it would be an extension to vsock or something
<qyliss> I don't think they'd mainline it without memfd support though -- otherwise it's basically exactly the same as vsock
<puck> qyliss: yeah, my suspicion is that there is no recvmsg support because it doesn't support arbitrary FD passing or so
<puck> so using it with a plain wayland client wouldn't work
<qyliss> Oh, because Sommelier has to do magic?
<puck> yeah, like, you need to create memfds in a certain way
<qyliss> Well you can't create memfds, AIUI
<qyliss> only the host can
<qyliss> If there's a way to create memfds from a guest and I've missed it, that, uh, changes things
<qyliss> so please lmk if I'm wrong
<qyliss> Hmm, I wonder if reading from a hungup virtio_wl socket triggers SIGPIPE/EPIPE
<qyliss> It doesn't look like it does, from the implementation
<qyliss> Which is convenient because Wayland wants to pass MSG_NOSIGNAL
<qyliss> I suppose it's maybe possible that that is handled somewhere else in the kernel, but I don't really see how EPIPE at least would end up being returned
<qyliss> Actually virtwl_vfd_send doesn't seem to check for hungup at all
<qyliss> Just virtwl_vfd_recv
<qyliss> Interesting
<qyliss> I should test all of this at some point
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