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<cole-h> qyliss: Are any of those patches something you want to get in ASAP? If so, lmk which ones and I'll review them. The rest will wait until tomorrow :P
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<pie_> this looks fun https://github.com/maqp/tfc
<qyliss> cc puck edef
<Profpatsch> > Why Python?
<Profpatsch> TFC attempts to be as easy to audit as possible, and readability is one of Python's core values.
<puck> hahaha
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<qyliss> TWiS is going to be late as usual but wow it's a big one this week
<qyliss> Writing TWiS is starting to feel a bit like publishing a weekly magazine. There are, like, feature articles, and other bits that are just short briefs, and maybe at some point I'll have guest writers and stuff. :P
<qyliss> But it doesn't feel like writing a single article, more like several that are all related by the theme of what my overall goals for the week were