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<qyliss> would anybody like to help me out by testing something?
<qyliss> compile and run the t_name_to_handle_at.c example in name_to_handle_at(2) (with a path as the argument)
<qyliss> let me know if it works or not
<qyliss> non-NixOS data points are probably especially helpful, but also it could be something to do with the particular kernel I'm running
<qyliss> oh!
<qyliss> bet it isn't supported on ZFS
<Profpatsch> qyliss: can you provide a .nix? e.g. via writers.writeC
<qyliss> Profpatsch: it's okay, I figured it out :{
<qyliss> *:)
<Profpatsch> okay
<qyliss> I'm hacking on strace today, because I keep running into VMM-specific ioctls and stuff it doesn't know how to decode
<qyliss> and not having strace slows me down a lot
<qyliss> so i've decided it's time to just fix strace, rather than hacking around it
<lukegb> strace has a .io domain? huh.
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<puck> <qyliss> bet it isn't supported on ZFS <- it .. should be?
<qyliss> puck: oh yeah lol the situation has developed from there
<puck> huh
<puck> iinteresting
<qyliss> moment
<puck> i saw the mailing list link
<qyliss> oh yeah more since there
<qyliss> this is wild
<qyliss> you're gonna love it
<qyliss> puck: offsetof there is returning some huge number
<puck> hrm
<qyliss> one time I got 1242447564
<qyliss> but it varies by the build
<qyliss> need to wait for a kernel to build before I can investigate further
<puck> hrm, offsetof ~ ((size_t)&(((s *)0)->m)))
<puck> or, more clearly, offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER) ((size_t) &((TYPE *)0)->MEMBER)
<qyliss> I'm wondering if one of those names is getting shadowed
<puck> qyliss: i think it is trying to resolve .. &((fid_t *)0)->un._fid.data)
<puck> which should be .. approx 10?
<puck> wait
<qyliss> 10?
<puck> OH
<qyliss> not 2?
<puck> oh, yes
<puck> anyways
<puck> the issue is:
<qyliss> how are you so damn fast
<puck> how does ((size_t) &((fid_t *)0)->un._fid.data)) parenthesize
<qyliss> loll
<puck> my guess, for the lulz, is
<qyliss> I did wonder if it would be something like that
<puck> no, wait
<puck> (&((fid_t *)0)->un)._fid.data wouldn't parse
<puck> hrm, clang properly turns it into 2..
<puck> qyliss: oh, red herring maybe
<puck> yep
<puck> qyliss: the manpage example is very slightly broken, compounded by a bug in the ZFS code
<puck> ahhahahahah
<puck> oh, no, the manpage isn't broken
<puck> but the code only sets max_len if max_len > 0
<puck> because it errors out early if it can't even fit the fid header
<qyliss> puck: I have:
<qyliss> if (len_bytes < offsetof(fid_t, fid_data)) {
<qyliss> pr_warn("len_bytes: %d, offset: %d", offsetof(fid_t, fid_data));
<qyliss> and the pr_warn gets hit, with len_bytes = 2
<puck> yes
<puck> because you are missing a printf argument
<qyliss> oh fuck
<puck> len_bytes must be a multiple of 4
<puck> because it is *max_len times sizeof(u32)
<qyliss> how did my build not fail >:(
<qyliss> I guess because printk is a custom thingy
<puck> because it doesn't have the printf-alike attribute probably
<puck> i think if the buffer can't fit the file pointer, you have to stack-allocate one and use that to measure the output size?
<puck> something like that
<qyliss> so should ZFS be multiplying by 4?
<puck> no
<puck> the issue is probably that zfs_fid needs a buffer to store the size in
<puck> and if you pass 0, well, then len_bytes won't fit :p
<puck> it still has to calculate the size of the FID
<qyliss> puck: oh, because > On error @max_len contains the minimum
<qyliss> * size(in 4 byte unit) needed to encode the file handle.
<puck> yep!
<qyliss> gotcha
<puck> this was not caught in 10 years of this code existing
<qyliss> i mean who uses name_to_handle_at
<puck> nfs!
<qyliss> hmm, would expect nfs to be backed by zfs quite a bit
<qyliss> maybe not on linux I guess?
<puck> yeah
<puck> even then
<puck> i think this is just an edge case that nfs doesn't hit
<puck> qyliss: yeah, the nfs file handle probably isn't ever 0
<puck> so it doesn't hit the edge case
<qyliss> hmm, this might be a bit tricky to fix
<qyliss> wait never mind
<puck> :)
<qyliss> I guess zfs_fid/zfsctl_fid must be what actually calculate the fid size?
<puck> yeah
<qyliss> because otherwise all this does is subtract the offset then add it back again
<qyliss> I see
<puck> this interestingly means that fid_t* might not fully exist
<qyliss> that's a bit unfortunate, means the fix isn't going to be very clean
<puck> even funnier
<puck> the FID size is hard-coded
<puck> in that function
<puck> or well, in zfsctl_fid and zfs_fid
<puck> i thought it would be dynamically sized!
<qyliss> zfid->zf_len = SHORT_FID_LEN;, yeah mean?
<puck> yeah
<puck> i think
<puck> hrmmm. thou this adds a question
<qyliss> i hate this code
<qyliss> why is there so much aliasing going on
<puck> when do you have a LONG_FID_LEN
<puck> snapshot dirs?!
<qyliss> zfsctl_snapdir_fid... yes
<puck> ahh
<puck> right
<puck> oh, hah
<qyliss> so I do have to actually calculate the fid size
<puck> this is because of an NFSv2 protocol limitation, lmao
<puck> and yeah, this is not great quality code
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<qyliss> oh, Linux uses -fno-strict-aliasing
<qyliss> that's going to make this a lot easier
<qyliss> actually it wouldn't have been valid before otherwise I guess
<qyliss> puck: so NFS just knows ahead of time how big the handle needs to be, you think?
<qyliss> and that's why it doesn't hit this bug? the code path where the handle isn't big enough is just never hit?
<qyliss> I really wish people didn't put CONTRIBUTING files in .github
<qyliss> it's not just GitHub that's going to be looking for that file
<qyliss> well, I rebooted to test my ZFS patch, and now running the test program freezes my computer
<qyliss> puck: ughh, zfs_fid() does not check the fid length
<qyliss> only zfsctl_fid
<qyliss> that was a mildly annoying way to spend an afternoon
<qyliss> (and evening)
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<Noxert> hi
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