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<cleeyv> This looks like it could relate to current work that is happening for Spectrum: https://github.com/subgraph/pH
<cleeyv> It doesn't seem to have gotten much attention yet. I only saw it because I've been following Subgraph for years and went looking for what they've been up to lately.
<hyperfekt> i'm surprised to see they're up to anything at all still!
<hyperfekt> though that was one and a half years ago by now
<philipp> Last commit is 2 years old. Are they?
<philipp> There is still some activity in the general subgraph project but it doesn't look like much.
<hyperfekt> spectrum is gonna realize the dream of subgraph
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<cleeyv> The original debian-based SubgraphOS seems to have stopped in 2018, but then they started the new Citadel project which continues to be actively developed.
<cleeyv> Mostly through a fork on the account of one of the developers rather than directly in the Subgraph repo, for some reason: https://github.com/brl/citadel
<cleeyv> A few months ago that same developer estimated on twitter a 2021 release: https://twitter.com/bleidl/status/1352500553423745027
<hyperfekt> oh, interesting
<hyperfekt> ah, the two belong together
<hyperfekt> wait so this is a gnome qubes?
<hyperfekt> interesting choice