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<Irenes[m]> hey, so I have a question about the scope of SpectrumOS
<Irenes[m]> I was reading the design statement on the website and it's all very focused on the low layers
<Irenes[m]> I understand that that's the part that has to come first, implementation-wise
<Irenes[m]> is there interest, also, in trying to provide a good experience at the application layer? or is that somebody else's problem
<Irenes[m]> I think either decision is defensible but I'd like to know more about the thoughts of the people leading the work
<IdleBot_a52e420f> I guess a lot of it is the question of scope of NGI grant…
<IdleBot_a52e420f> There are definitely multiple layers between the current great work by qyliss and incompetent-user-friendly UI…
<Irenes[m]> makes sense
<Irenes[m]> to me it isn't even about wanting UI that's accessible to newcomers, I would just appreciate UI that has consistent visual design that's optimized for various types of device
<pie_[bnc]> IdleBot_a52e420f: youre michaelraskin right? re: https://github.com/NixOS/rfcs/pull/58 just poke me on irc. I managed to forget over the course of the weekend that you wanted me in the meeting.
<pie_[bnc]> i should be availible at the stated times, except tomorrow right now