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<colemickens> fatal: unable to access 'https://spectrum-os.org/git/nixpkgs/': SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired
<qyliss> fuck
<qyliss> thank you
<qyliss> colemickens: working now?
<MichaelRaskin> Seems so
<qyliss> cool
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<Irenes[m]> ah yeah, LetsEncrypt expired a lot of certs manually due to a vulnerability. dunno if you used them but that could have been the issue.
<Irenes[m]> refreshing the cert was the only action you needed to take
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<tazjin> Irenes[m]: they ended up not revoking any that they could see were still in active use
<tazjin> at least not in the initial wave (which was the thing with a 24h notice period, that was .. stressful at work)
<leah2> that error message does not imply revocation i think
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<Irenes[m]> oh okay
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