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<qyliss> Right now I'm working on making the code that runs the virtio_wl device seperately generic, so it can run any crosvm device
<qyliss> This also means refactoring to put it in the place where all devices are configured, rather than in the implementation of the wayland one
<qyliss> Progress is surprisingly quick compared to getting it to work in the first place!
<qyliss> the commits are a total mess because I don't plan on keeping this around once I have the devices running in their own VMs, but this is a stepping stone.
<qyliss> And I have to commit a lot because the only good way to debug if it doesn't work is to compare to the last known-good version.
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<qyliss> Oh nice! Some work from CrOS on making crosvm easier to build on normal Linux systems.
<qyliss> This is especially exciting, because it currently hard-codes a /usr directory, and makes development on NixOS extremely annoying: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1032360
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