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<cole-h> qyliss: Will you be announcing your streams (whenever you solidify plans for them) on the discuss ML, or announce?
<qyliss> I'll probably be announcing them on IRC, tbh.
<qyliss> I might send an email for the first one.
* cole-h turns on notifications for #spectrum
<samueldr> I was thinking about streaming mobile nixos dev, but without a good cam setup, I lose a bunch of useful info as viewers won't see the device being handled
<samueldr> and there's so much waiting on builds
<cole-h> A good time to shoot the **** or check IRC or something
<samueldr> the latter, I'm curious what can be done for streams when there's long builds
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* edrex looks up mobile nixos
<edrex> i had no idea.
<edrex> samueldr is there info on what hardware features works on each device?
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<edrex> i have a pixel 2 coming from ebay
<samueldr> currently all android-based devices boot to stage-2, with graphics working through framebuffer, wifi and cellular modems are work to be coming
<samueldr> still early, but soon finished with foundational work to better work on those specifics
<edrex> /m nods. hw accel?
<edrex> oops lol
<samueldr> planned, but let's say it got deprioritized to get networking first to then better rebuild on device :)
<edrex> yes, got it
* edrex continues on #nixos-aarch64
<samueldr> good call :)
<samueldr> (still curious about making a development stream engaging if it's expected there's going to be long drawn out builds)
<qyliss> I rarely have long builds.
<qyliss> At least at the moment.
<qyliss> But I figure if I did that would be a good opportunity to engage with a chat, do a code tour, etc.
<qyliss> The only time I really have long builds at the moment is when I'm building a kernel, and that's pretty rare.
<qyliss> Mostly just every six weeks when a new Chromium OS comes out
<colemickens> Do you just the kernel for virtio_wl?
<colemickens> Do you plan to ever try to carry it on mainline?
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<IdleBot_e923fa8a> samueldr: how many devices do you have on your hands at once? There are some cooking shows with the same problem (kind of), those who want a continuous uncut stream usually plan «while it is baking, we can quickly make a salad»
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<pie_[bnc]> he can show juggling tricks in the interim :
<pie_[bnc]> :P
<MichaelRaskin> You do understand that even succeful juggling with an old enough smartphone could lead to some electrical contact problems?
<pie_[bnc]> i was being approximatelt 100% serious
<pie_[bnc]> (+- 100%)
<pie_[bnc]> or do you mean contAct problems in the country electrical network after bumping two nokias
<hyperfekt> samueldr: well, what do you usually do during long builds? take a break?
<samueldr> it depends, but sometimes it looks like that, I have something totally non-work non-nixpkgs non-nixos queued up that I can pause and continue
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<qyliss> colemickens: yes, possibly
<qyliss> but it's low-priority
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