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<qyliss> Would anybody be up for a stream later?
<tazjin> depends on the time
<qyliss> time is flexible -- everybody can let me know when works for them and I'll try to pick the most convenient time
<tazjin> I can do anything past 18·30
<qyliss> Cool, let's leave this as an open question for a few hours, and see if anybody else is interested and what times they're available.
<Profpatsch> tazjin++ for dottime
<Profpatsch> tazjin: how do you even type the dot? I only have •
<tazjin> compose .-
<Profpatsch> is there a compose-key shortcut?
<Profpatsch> Oh yeah
<Profpatsch> ·
<Profpatsch> and yes, just took me 10+s to get my hand-coordination to the point where I could hit that combination :)
<qyliss> ooh yeah that's quite tough on qwerty
<Profpatsch> On neo it’s okay, . is on layer one and - on layer 3 however
<qyliss> I suppose it depends where your compose key is
<Profpatsch> It has ∘ on layer 6, that’s close
<leah2> caps-shift-. on my layout :3
<Profpatsch> ϑ for me :)
* Profpatsch has no need for lowercase greek letters, but they are there anyway
<Profpatsch> Let’s say I only use that layer for λ :)
<Profpatsch> Also, it has the non-breaking ‑ which is nice
<MichaelRaskin> deadkeys reduce the coordination requirement to zero
<FireFly> ·
<FireFly> it's on altgr+. for me, and I think also on standard xkb 'se'
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<qyliss> Nobody apart from tazjin interested in a stream? I might hold off for another day if so, but am still open to doing it today.
<cole-h> Tomorrow would work better for me, personally -- lectures and whatnot throughout the day today
<qyliss> Okay, let's try again a different day. No stream today.
<Irenes[m]> I'd join. I have meetings at uh... 21:00-22:00 GMT and 23:30-0:30 GMT.
<Irenes[m]> other than that I'm available
<Irenes[m]> tomorrow I have no meetings
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<qyliss> PUshed some updates to the website to hopefully make it easier to get around
<Irenes[m]> the links that go back to top, from the sub-pages?
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