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<hyperfekt> i'm amused how this is becoming a third fork of crosvm
<hyperfekt> you're slowly joining a league with google and amazon
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<qyliss> and Intel!
<qyliss> Intel has cloud hypervisor!
<qyliss> But yes, that does appear to be happening.
<qyliss> gosh testing crosvm is becoming annoying as I split it into more processes
<qyliss> Right now i'm manually starting three processes in the right order
<qyliss> I should probably get a better script :D
<tazjin> it sort of makes it seem like crosvm is modularised incorrectly
<tazjin> because surely there are changes in each fork that the others would benefit from, too
<qyliss> well, they're kind of tring to do that with rust-vmm
<qyliss> I think everybody just wants to do things very differently from each other
<qyliss> I expect agreeing on common interfaces and stuff will be very hard
<qyliss> And indeed from what I can tellnot much is happening with rust-vmm.
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<qyliss> I'm working on the mailing list web interface UI in production again, btw. >:) On the off chance anybody wants to use the mailing lists, they're still working fine, just no web UI except public-inbox.
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<jmcasey> Was just gonna say that the web-ui for your mailing list is having a bad day, but looks like you're already on it :)
<qyliss> Yep
<qyliss> Mailing lists are still running -- if you want to subscribe email $list-subscribe@spectrum-os.org, and archives are still available at https://spectrum-os.org/lists/archives.
<jmcasey> That link 404's for me FYI
<qyliss> Maybe the trailing slash is mandatory
<qyliss> I should fix that
<jmcasey> Didn't realise that was even a thing! That link works fine
<MichaelRaskin> (note to self: make a site where _double_ trailing slash is required for some URL)
<jmcasey> That sounds like a fabulous ux
<qyliss> Well that was an extremely painful experience but the mailing list web UI is no longer running on an EOL Django
<qyliss> NixOS's state management is so bad.
<qyliss> But we'll find a way to have something better :)
<MichaelRaskin> Isn't NixOS state management like Git's design — it cannot be bad, it is just not there?