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<qyliss> tazjin: could you try sending "help" to $list-request@spectrum-os.org a few times and let me know if IPv6 emails get through now? SPF should be fixed now.
<tazjin> qyliss: will try. Do you have ptr records?
<qyliss> I believe so
<qyliss> The v6 PTR points to 2001-ba8-1f1-f0bc-0-0-0-2.autov6rev.bitfolk.space.
<qyliss> Which I could probably change, but I think should be good enough?
<leah2> i think reverse dns should resolve to the mx name
<multi> ^
<multi> some MTAs will check forward-confirmed reverse dns
<qyliss> Oh, currently mx is set to spectrum-os.org, but I guess that should be the hostname of the machine?
<qyliss> I shall change that.
<multi> i.e. they'll check that the domain which the PTR resolves to can be resolved to the same ip address
<qyliss> oh, well that's bfine
<leah2> so make ptr of 2001:ba8:1f1:f0bc::2 just spectrum-os.org
<qyliss> leah2: that IP is used for mail for multiple domains though.
<leah2> ah hm
<leah2> well maybe it works
<multi> hmm
<qyliss> the fqdn of the machine is atuin.qyliss.net
<leah2> spf a and mx should do it
<qyliss> I could set MX and reverse-dns to that
<leah2> yes
<multi> qyliss: in that case i'd set "spectrum-os.org IN MX atuin.qyliss.net", and then set the reverse dns of the addresses on the machine to atuin.qyliss.net
<qyliss> although IIRC rDNS with my provider is tricky, so if Google is happy with the current rDNS I might not bother.
<qyliss> MX and IPv6 PTR are now set to atuin.qyliss.net.
<qyliss> Sorry, IPv4 PTR
<qyliss> v6 PTR is still the other thing
<multi> right
<multi> that looks okay
<leah2> yeah
<qyliss> To change v6 PTR I'd have to run my own nameserver
<qyliss> Which I could do, but would rather avoid.
<multi> ....
<leah2> its not a big deal with nsd
<leah2> but you want a redundant setup probably
<qyliss> The provider will provide three secondaries
<multi> ...so the provider will delegate reverse dns, but can't change it for you?
<qyliss> Only for v4, apparently.
<multi> hmm
<leah2> but will the secondaries accept your pushes?
<multi> because for delegating v6 reverse dns you'd get a zone in ip6.arpa. delegated to your nameserver
<multi> iiiinteresting
<leah2> ah well
<leah2> if they really provide secondaries its quite convenient
<multi> yeah
* multi would probably use the "hidden master" setup describde on bitfolk's secondary dns wiki page in this situation
<qyliss> alrighty
<multi> i run nsd on my own nameservers if you need a hand setting things up
<qyliss> Actually, why hidden master?
<multi> personally i'd prefer to keep as much of the internet-facing side of things pointing at the provider's nameservers rather than mixing my own in with the provider's
<multi> also means that if your move the site to a different vps, you just need to tell bitfolk's NS's to retrieve records from a different hidden master, rather than change the master in dns
<tazjin> qyliss: all good!
<qyliss> tazjin: didn't go to spam?
<tazjin> qyliss: straight to the inbox, and passed all the important checks
<qyliss> lovely :)
<qyliss> In that case, I shall leave IPv6 rDNS for later, and not let it get in the way of sending the list message I'm writing :)
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<MichaelRaskin> Nice, thanks
<qyliss> Remarkably that was almost as long as some of the updates covering many months, but it at least didn't feel as daunting to write
<MichaelRaskin> You know that saying «I had no time to write a shorter letter»?
<MichaelRaskin> Here the total volume is fine, maybe that's why relaxed writing feels acceptable?
<qyliss> Yeah
<qyliss> It's the difference between trying to cram a huge amount of stuff in, and being free to go into lots of detail because there's not all that much to talk about.
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