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<qyliss> Am I missing something? Why would this be Rc<RefCell<...>>? https://spectrum-os.org/git/crosvm/tree/devices/src/virtio/wl.rs?h=interguest#n331
<qyliss> I'd have thought it would be so that the method taking &self could call &mut self methods on the inner value, but none of the methods it calls are &mut self
<qyliss> Oh, it's because the inner type isn't clone
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<Shell> qyliss: it can just be Rc then I think
<Shell> unless something else that holds a copy needs it mut
<qyliss> I've been experimenting with whether I can just propagate the lifetime and drop the Rc as well
<qyliss> But that's getting pretty unseemly so I might give up on that
<Shell> it's usually not worth it :p