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<qyliss> Chrom(e|ium)( OS)? 82 appears to have completely disappeared https://www.chromestatus.com/features/schedule
<Shell> lol what
<qyliss> maybe they're balancing out for never releasing 80
<qyliss> which IIRC also happened
<qyliss> I've fixed the "Failed to send message to virtwl: Success" log spam you'd get when running spectrum-vm
<qyliss> (Or rather, I've applied the upstream patch that fixes it)
<qyliss> Sommelier had its ioctl check backwards, so you'd in fact *only* get an error message on success
<qyliss> if it failed you'd get nothing
<qyliss> current status: got a program inside the VM to connect to a socket outside the VM over virtio_wl
<qyliss> (This is in addition to the normal Wayland socket hooked up to a compositor)
<qyliss> Doing this requires using special virtio_wl ioctls, that are a bit but not entirely like the normal unix socket interface
<qyliss> So connecting to the socket works (good start), and next I need to get sending some data to the socket working
<qyliss> And now that works too!
<qyliss> Now lets try to receive a reply
<qyliss> Think this would be a cool demo of using virtio_wl to put in the manual once it all works
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<MichaelRaskin> So you had to add another argument to allow multiple virtio_wl sokets?
<qyliss> no, that's upstream!
<qyliss> they use virtio_wl as a generic communication channel too
<MichaelRaskin> And the VM is always connecting to some listening socket in their current model, so what you had to do is to allow a VM to listen?
<qyliss> All I've done so far is write a program in the guest that connects to this host socket
<hyperfekt> i'm getting the feeling we should rename virtio_wl while we still can, this is terrible
<hyperfekt> maybe it's already too late
<qyliss> there's been talk of upstreaming it
<qyliss> and you can bet there's no way the virtio spec people will want a generic message transport called "virtio_wl"
<hyperfekt> nice, that should do it
<qyliss> Wow, writing spectrum-vm was so worth it
<qyliss> has made my life so much better
<Profpatsch> I haven’t been paying attention, where do I get an overview of what spectrum-vm does?
<qyliss> All it does is run crosvm with a predefined kernel/rootfs/etc
<qyliss> It's literally just a wrapper around crosvm with some default values
<qyliss> But it means if all I want to test is a custom kernel, I can do spectrum-vm -k /path/to/bzImage rather than having to construct a whole crosvm command line
<qyliss> Anyway, for everybody interested, here's a simple demo of communicating with a host socket over virtio_wl: https://0x0.st/iLup.c
<qyliss> MichaelRaskin: ^
<qyliss> I haven't actually tested that file descriptors work, but they should
<qyliss> Running that requires Chromium OS Linux HEAD, not the linux_cros we currently have packaged, btw.
<qyliss> Because our version doesn't let support multiple virtio_wl sockets
<qyliss> *yet
<qyliss> I'll either backport that or just wait for the next CrOS release; haven't decided
<qyliss> Next step is to have crosvm listen on the host end of this socket for a message asking for memory, and then reply with a memfd
<qyliss> but jumping into crosvm is quite the context switch so I shall take a break :)
<MichaelRaskin> wl0 means that one only gets one socket, which is eaither for Wayland or for one arbitrary socket?
<qyliss> No
<qyliss> /dev/wl0 is like the pty master
<MichaelRaskin> Ah
<qyliss> Note that I do the VIRTWL_IOCTL_NEW ioctl on it, and it gives me back a new fd
<qyliss> You can call virtio_wl_connect as many times as you want with different names, and you'll get a different fd back each time
<MichaelRaskin> Nice.
<qyliss> To actually run this program, you do crosvm run --wayland-sock /path/to/s.sock,name=whatever
<qyliss> And then "whatever" is the name you pass to virtio_wl_connect
<MichaelRaskin> And it works with multiple invocations? Ohh, nice indeed
<qyliss> Yep
<MichaelRaskin> rust-9p + virtio-wl with no network stack involved sounds like a good idea now…
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<alj[m]> Out of curiosity, what are y'alls opinions on purisms laptops and more importantly their FOSS completely-from-scratch phone?
<qyliss> laptops are overpriced but probably fine (but there are better laptops on the market with same freedom properties), phone has been a travesty
<alj[m]> Travesty? That sounds very intriguing, please elaborate
<Shell> alj[m]: the librem 5 is built on a set of components decidedly not built to be put in a phone, with power management and heat properties that make them unsuitable for the task. the company has been very poor at communicating setbacks, very likely as a result of being low on funds and concerned about customers demanding their prepayments back.
<qyliss> The one Purism product I did find interesting was the Librem mini, because coreboot support is much harder to come by on desktop-ish devices, and it looked like it would actually fill a niche
<Shell> honestly speaking, they're *trying*, it just turns out to be... way more difficult than they expected and I expect to see Purism declare bankruptcy if they cannot make many more sales than are currently forecasted, tbh.
<qyliss> But then I saw how much money they want for them, and I realised I could probably put together one of the corebootable supermicro servers for the same price
<qyliss> The really good thing coming out of Purism is that they've hired a few people to work on important stuff, like Wayland and Coreboot
<Shell> also a lot of the GNOME stuff is now in a much better shape for if a decent Linux phone/tablet *does* happen
<qyliss> I have a sort of decent Linux sort of tablet!
<qyliss> it's a google pixelbook
<qyliss> (it's a 2-in-1, but a very pleasant tablet experience)
<Shell> nice:)
<qyliss> I recently discovered that Chromebooks are actually really cool
* Shell recently acquired some more ram for her x200 by mentioning that she only had 2gb in some random channel
<Shell> someone was like "that's not much" and posted me some more :p
<qyliss> like, this thing comes from the factory running coreboot
<qyliss> that's nice :D
<Shell> it's still dying though
<qyliss> Presenting, at long last, The List: https://spectrum-os.org/todo.html
<qyliss> (The List will be expanded, but I figured sticking a few things I could think of off the top of my head at first and actually getting the thing on the website was a good start :))
<cole-h> Hey, I was just about to annoy^W ping you about that :D
<qyliss> I have some more things for the list in PMs with MichaelRaskin that I shall dig out after some sleeping
<cole-h> 🎉
<qyliss> But the important thing is that there is now a list
<cole-h> Now adding to it is much easier
<qyliss> Indeed!
<tazjin> qyliss: s/appears/appeals/
<tazjin> (sorry I spot these automatically :p)
<cole-h> Get that one character patch in, c'mon tazjin!
<tazjin> cole-h: I'd need to double-check if I can contribute to docs with that license
<cole-h> :(
<qyliss> CC-BY-SA??
<tazjin> checked and the answer is yes
<cole-h> :D
<qyliss> :3
<MichaelRaskin> Yay, The List!
<MichaelRaskin> Clearly incomplete, but on the other hand, can it ever be complete as long as the project is moving forward?…