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<qyliss> I wonder if the chromiumOSPackages updateScript could leverage Google's repo tool
<qyliss> Since I've ended up reimplementing more and more of that
<qyliss> Doesn't really look like it :(
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<qyliss> Lol I just realised I posted that a day early
<qyliss> But I'm not likely to get much done tomorrow anyway
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<MichaelRaskin> «I was sick of that week and want to finish my obligations towards it already»
<qyliss> yes :)
<qyliss> I am definitely ready for this week to be over
<MichaelRaskin> You can switch to the model where Sunday is the next week… for a couple of days!
* alj[m] wants to scream because he needs to maintain 20 slightly different filetrees in his Qubes VMs with slightly different versions of some packages and nothing is quite 100% compatible and everything sucks :)
<alj[m]> Guess I'll read TWIS for distraction from my agony
<alj[m]> qyliss: I wish you some good/better health in the upcoming days <3
<qyliss> thank you :)
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<cole-h> qyliss: I can't pipe 2/2 to git am for whatever reason (https://gist.github.com/cole-h/922c8fb14d249d7bf1fd7ed37ea56c9d), but 1/2 LGTM. Sending along a reviewed-by soon.
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