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<qyliss> cole-h: weird
<qyliss> did you do that after applying 1/2?
<cole-h> Yeah
<cole-h> It could be an aerc problem -- if you paste the actual patch somewhere, I can verify that. Only thing I can think of is it might be choking on the fact there are patches contained inside the patch...
<qyliss> Let me have a go
<cole-h> (If it's not an aerc problem, that is)
<qyliss> Yeah it doesn't apply for me either
<cole-h> Huh
<qyliss> Wonder if it's happening because Mailman rewrote the body
<qyliss> (This is also what's making DKIM break for tazjin)
<qyliss> cole-h: are you using the copy of the message you got from Mailman, or the one you got directly from me via CC?
<cole-h> How can I tell for sure? :x It says it was sent to devel@ cc'ing you and me.
<qyliss> Look at the headers
<qyliss> See if Mailman has added List-Id, etc.
<qyliss> The copy you got from the list will have those, the one you got direct from me won't
<cole-h> Doesn't appear to have List-Id.
<qyliss> oh interesting
<qyliss> then maybe it isn't Mailman's fault
<qyliss> cole-h: Could you forward that copy of the message to me as an attachment?
<qyliss> Important that it's forwarded as an attachment so all the headers are intact
<qyliss> Because the copy that I got from CCing myself works
<qyliss> wait no it doesn't
<qyliss> never mind
<cole-h> lol
<cole-h> I was about to ask "meaning you want to see headers like `DKIM-Signature`?"
<qyliss> oh I wonder if I know what the problem is
<qyliss> Yep
<qyliss> I edited the second patch before sending to add the commentary, in an editor I don't use often that is obviously configured to strip whitespace
<qyliss> Which broke the patch
<qyliss> Probably this has happened before but nobody ever tried applying my patches :P
<cole-h> :D
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<qyliss> cole-h: I sent a v2, and tested that it applied before sending it :)
<cole-h> Yep, that worked :P Btw, did you change the cache key? I'm getting `warning: substituter 'https://cache.qyliss.net' does not have a valid signature for path '/nix/store/jpk7fa8bk2q3iza3mp8f9x6j9fa89a5j-wayfire-0.4.0-wrapped'` and friends
<qyliss> er, nope
<qyliss> i'll look into that tomorrow
<cole-h> Alright.
<cole-h> I'll test spectrum-vm and then send another reviewed-by eventually
<qyliss> You can send a Tested-by too if you do that :)
<cole-h> Oooh
<cole-h> Or I can be flippant and just send an Acked-by
<cole-h> hehe
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<cole-h> qyliss: When building spectrum-vm with those 2 patches applied (nix-build . -A spectrumPackages.spectrum-vm), vm_protos fails: https://gist.github.com/cole-h/805787f4b9b36c0487d8b51bc44c8674
<qyliss> huh, I was sure I'd tested that
<qyliss> cole-h: could you post that to the list? so we have a record of the reviews
<cole-h> Sure. Should I cut down the error log, or just post the gist?
<qyliss> not a big deal if that's inconvenient, but it's nice to be able to look back at this sort of thing and see all the conversation when you're debugging in the future :)
<qyliss> Post the error log so we don't have to worry about a link going bad
<cole-h> OK, will do.
<qyliss> thank you
<cole-h> Do you want the reviewed-by in this email, or in the final one that (hopefully) actually works? :P
<qyliss> Reviewed-by should mean that you're happy with the changes.
<qyliss> So if they break things that's probably premature :P
<cole-h> Makes sense. Still new to the flow :P
<cole-h> (Hope that logging translates alright to email...)
<qyliss> Yeah, perfect :)