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<cole-h> Day X of updating chromiumOSPackages: still no bump :(
<qyliss> cole-h: I looked earlier and thought today was the day but I misread :(
<cole-h> When you look at the beta column and see 83 and are like ":OOO"
<cole-h> but then you realize it was the beta column
<qyliss> yeah exactly
<qyliss> if you're looking for something to do I did just post a docs patch to the ML looking for a reviewer ;)
* cole-h logs in to email
<cole-h> Oh, that reminds me -- I still need to integrate my aerc config into my setup
<qyliss> How do you find aerc? I've never tried it.
<qyliss> I was asking what you thought of it :)
<cole-h> Oh
<cole-h> lol
<qyliss> I think I looked into it fairly early on into the go rewrite but it lacked features I needed at that point
<cole-h> Well, I currently don't use it x) But I liked it when I was using it. I think I stopped using it after I switched from megacorp 1's email to megacorp 2 (gmail -> outlook), because my emails sent from it would fail DKIM and stuff
<qyliss> huh, that's really weird
<cole-h> I also like the vterm idea -- you could basically live in aerc since you can spawn arbitrary nested terminals
<qyliss> Yeah that terminal emulation library it's using rocks
<cole-h> So all in all: a fan. However, I hadn't used any terminal email stuff before, so I don't have the worldly experience to praise it as the end-all be-all
<qyliss> cool, good to knwo
<cole-h> Oh, sorry, I was looking at the patch and then got sidetracked... lol.
<cole-h> > uses those to allocate a receives requests for a ...[memfd]
<cole-h> qyliss: Is "allocate a receives requests" something domain-specific I'm unfamiliar with, or a mistake? x)
<cole-h> And I'd also s/is enabled at startup time/is enabled at startup/ in that last paragraph. Else, LGTM.
<adisbladis> cole-h: vterm <3
<adisbladis> It's been my primary terminal for about a year now
<adisbladis> Or, maybe longer
<adisbladis> Actually about 2 years from my git logs
<Profpatsch> adisbladis: https://github.com/vterm/vterm ?
<cole-h> It's actually `libvterm`
<cole-h> (There are probably other forks, but that's what emacs-libvterm uses)
<Profpatsch> Ah, I find Emacs’ window management to be kinda horrible, so I prefer this stuff to live outside it
<Profpatsch> Also the single-threadedness often make the whole editor hang for me when something is working in the background, I like the kernel to handle such things for me :)
<adisbladis> Profpatsch: Emacs single-threadedness is not impacting libvterm
<cole-h> (I also have a gripe with Emacs' single-threadedness, but I like magit too much, despite how rarely I use it)
<adisbladis> Magit is pain and love both rolled into one
<adisbladis> I often end up doing git stuff in the terminal for nixpkgs
<adisbladis> magit-status is just too damn slow
<Profpatsch> adisbladis: yeah, we have Steve Purcell, why can’t we make him fix magit
<Profpatsch> It’s probably something trivial that makes status slow
<adisbladis> Profpatsch: He's not hacking on magit though?
<Profpatsch> He *could* be hacking on magit :)
<adisbladis> Good point!
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