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<cole-h> crosvm now wants minijail, which isn't served from chromium.googlesource.com, but android.googlesource.com
<cole-h> Which means the update script doesn't work for it, because it wants chromium.googlesource.com (':
<qyliss> Ooh interesting
<qyliss> It's a bit of a shame, because we already have Minijail in Nixpkgs
<qyliss> It might make sense to move that under the chromiumOSPackages umbrella
<qyliss> (Probably makes more sense on NixOS to use the shipping Chromium OS version rather than the android one, anyway)
<qyliss> I really should try to upstream (some of) chromiumOSPackages, but the thought of the bikeshedding that would ensue puts me off
<cole-h> Understandable
<cole-h> For now, I just added a dumb check on the name (if name == 'minijail', use android.gs.com), let's see how far it goes. (Already had to comment out one patch in common-mk)
<cole-h> Just to see how far I can make it go
<qyliss> good plan :)
<qyliss> Probably what we want to do here (assuming all else works) is modify the updateScript to get minijail from the android repos, but still call it aosp/platform/external/minijail, because that's still where crosvm looks for it
<qyliss> And then as a further enhancement, move the minijail package into chromiumOSPackages and have it use the same update mechanism.
<qyliss> Second part can come later, though.
<cole-h> Sure. Are all the patches ones that need to be updated, or are some just backports?
<qyliss> Some are backports
<qyliss> Check the author in the patch. If it's me or puck, it's Spectrum stuff, otherwise it's a backport.
<cole-h> Roger.
<cole-h> qyliss: OK, I'll help more next time, but right now I have to choose between copying my backup in 5 days or copying my backup in 10 days and building chromiumOSPackages... This is what I got so far: https://gist.github.com/cole-h/cb5bc4b5f0ea0c8664e2814df317dee6
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