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<qyliss> Going to have some Nixpkgs PRs today to sort out some of this minijail/crosvm stuff. Will post them here in case anybody wants to review.
<ehmry> cool
<qyliss> That's just the support in Minijail, since the crosvm version in Nixpkgs fails to compile with the minijail-tools policy compiler
<qyliss> Reviews appreciated :)
<MichaelRaskin> Read it through, nothing looks like a problem — but I have never built minijail
<colemickens> qyliss:
<colemickens> Oops. Mispress on mobile
<qyliss> :)
<ehmry> crosvm and minimjail build for me
<qyliss> good good :)
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<qyliss> Might try to do a stream tonight if I can get everything set up
<cole-h> 👀
<qyliss> that appears to be a pretty big if, fwiw
<cole-h> Fair
<qyliss> OBS on wayland looks like a bit of a mess
<qyliss> But maybe colemickens will be able to help
<MichaelRaskin> Hmm. What do you want to screenshare?
<qyliss> I was planning on streaming myself working on crosvm to show people what's going on
<MichaelRaskin> That I understand, the question is what would be the video part of the stream
<qyliss> Emacs and the ocassional virtio_wl window
<MichaelRaskin> Hmm
<MichaelRaskin> Emacs is the easy part — one could run it inside an X session with OBS and use it via VNC, I guess. Localhost VNC typically has few issues
<cole-h> What about Xwayland? OBS has no problems capturing that for me
<qyliss> virtio_wl isn't gonna work in Xwayland
<qyliss> Unless I run a wayland compositor inside xwayland, inside a wayland compositor
<qyliss> Doing this with wayland is perfectly possible -- I've seen people do it
<qyliss> I just don't know how to set it up
<MichaelRaskin> Oh fun, there is Wayland remote desktop support which is mutter-only.
<qyliss> colemickens: do you have any suggestions for how to stream from Sway + a microphone to a Nginx RTMP? Is OBS even the right thing?
<colemickens> qyliss: not sure about the audio part, but wf-recorder can stream straight to rtmp (twitch/youtube live)
<colemickens> maybe it can to nginx's rtmp too?
<qyliss> probably, then
<qyliss> let me see if it does audio
<colemickens> looks like you can tell it the PA device to capture, woot.
<qyliss> Where do you see that?
<colemickens> wf-recorder --help, first option
<qyliss> Oh, neat
<qyliss> I was just looking at the README
<colemickens> It's the/my goto for this type of thing.
<colemickens> wayvnc is usable too, idk if you play with that ever
<qyliss> When I do wf-recorder --help it just starts recording, lol
<qyliss> Maybe I have an old version
<colemickens> hm, the nixpkgs version might be old. I've got HEAD
<qyliss> My Nixpkgs is still from last year I think
<qyliss> I'm currently working on updating it
<qyliss> But that involves a huge amount of rebuilding
<qyliss> (and merge conflicts)
<qyliss> I got the updated version to evaluate just now though, so we're getting somewhere :P
<colemickens> There's also the Issue on obs-studio with a 10k bounty for virtual cam output (though I sorta got the v4l2 output plugin working the other night with gchristensen's derivation), but that ultimately didn't work well, and I'd recommend wf-recorder by a large margin.
<colemickens> obs-studio just seems clunky all around.
<qyliss> Yeah I was immediately put off when it tried to write a bunch of state into XDG_CONFIG_HOME
* cole-h looks at weechat, which doesn't even do that
<qyliss> The really annoying thing is that the initial PR to add XDG support put everything into XDG_DATA_HOME, but then the PR was closed with a commit that changed it to XDG_CONFIG_HOME
<qyliss> My XDG_CONFIG_HOME is a store path, so that's a non-starter for me.
<colemickens> actually, wf-recorder can stream to v4l2 directly as well, I forgot.
<qyliss> Ah, cool. New nixpkgs' wf-recorder has --help.
<qyliss> Well it manages to record my screen with audio -- that's positive!
<qyliss> Dreadful quality, though.
<qyliss> Not really sure what to do about that...
<cole-h> Maybe changing codec parameters would help? `-c codec -p <option_name>=<option_value>`, from the help
* cole-h is unfamiliar with codecs, so that might not be a valid suggestion
<qyliss> I mean, that might very well help, but what would I change?
<qyliss> (I don't know anything about this either)
<colemickens> Which is poor quality? The audio or video?
<qyliss> Well, both, but audio from my laptop mic is always terrible, so the video is the main problem
<colemickens> qyliss: oh that's not even to rtmp, that's just direct to disk?
<qyliss> Yeah
<colemickens> the video seemed okay? fine maybe, im not sure the native resolution, etc.
<colemickens> the audio was yeah, sounds like it's amplified 300% or something
<qyliss> The text looks all horrible to me
<qyliss> But I've shown it to you and spacekookie and both didn't see a problem so maybe it's fine
<colemickens> qyliss: can you send a screenshot too, that would probably help me say for sure
<colemickens> it's hard to tell what is your font vs what is the recording, if that makes sense
<qyliss> Sure, any recommendations for a program to do that?
<colemickens> grim
<colemickens> seems the same? same thoughts - video fine, audio is pretty rough
<qyliss> Huh, okay
<qyliss> I'm trying with a proper mic now
<qyliss> Good mic makes the audio better
<MichaelRaskin> Maybe dropping the capture level is enough, though
<qyliss> And I suppose if I'm the only person who doesn't like the video, that's fine
<qyliss> colemickens: how would I do RTMP? I don't see it documented anywhere that it's supported.
<colemickens> I don't know where it is. There's some comment somewhere that shows how to do it to twitch and I can't find my scripts either.
<colemickens> Let me look again
<qyliss> Thank you very much for all the help
<colemickens> no problem at all, happy to help, just annoyed, I need to start taking notes on-going.
<colemickens> this last week has been falling down rabbit holes over and over that I've been down before.
<MichaelRaskin> … start putting whatever you do with software into a VCS?
<colemickens> I already basically live by the philosophy that if it's worth doing once by hand in a shell that I mgiht as well write a script and throw set -euo pipefail on the top.
<colemickens> I mean, yeah, I thought I had a wf-recorder-twitch in my dotfiles/bin but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe after today
<colemickens> idk just sort of a general life-thought, applies to some non-software stuff too. im not even that old, but I figure it's not a bad habit to start
<colemickens> For example, "twitch rtmp stream url". It shouldn't be this damn hard to find.
<colemickens> qyliss: https://www.twitch.tv/toastiety
<colemickens> wf-recorder -m flv -f "rtmp://live-sea.twitch.tv/app/${streamkey}"
<colemickens> It might even do format detection from the output url, not sure though, that worked anyway.
<cole-h> Is `live-sea` static, or is it regional or something?
<colemickens> regional, idk where the list is, I gave up
<qyliss> Oh, cool!
<qyliss> Thank you
<qyliss> Next step is to set up the RTMP server, which I'll do in a bit.
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<colemickens> left my twitch stream up with gopass show showing for an hour
<colemickens> awesome
<cole-h> Time to frantically change passwords and delete the VOD
<colemickens> but rolling this password would require re-activating the account. hm.
<colemickens> sort of gives me plausible deniablity for any contetn from this account, maybe a blessing.
<cole-h> Do you care about what happens to "this account"?
<qyliss> Wow, the RTMP server was extremely easy to set up
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<qyliss> I always thought this would be very fiddly
<qyliss> I guess that's what Twitch/YouTube want you to think
<qyliss> Probably getting too late for a stream tonight, but at least everything is set up now :)
<Profpatsch> qyliss: which server program?
<Profpatsch> Thinking about setting something like that up on my server as well, so I can stream stuff without going through twitch
<qyliss> nginx
<Profpatsch> ah, just a module?
<qyliss> yep
<qyliss> and like five lines of config
<Profpatsch> I’m guessing it keeps a buffer in RAM, is that configurable?
<qyliss> no idea
<Profpatsch> but good to know
<qyliss> I think Shell has more experience with it
<qyliss> that's what I used, although that one doesn't have any authentication
<qyliss> but it supports allowing streaming from an IP whitelist, which is nice with wiregurad
<Profpatsch> yeah, that’s great
<Profpatsch> the future is bright :)
<Shell> wait what are people doing
<Shell> oh, cool