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<qyliss> I'm not that interested in the built-in 9p either, but it's useful enough for testing
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<IdleBot_85f8451c> Well, I hoped that either built-in p9 or builtin virtio-fs could be used to mount the store!
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<qyliss> Cool, now I can dynamically add Wayland sockets at runtime
<qyliss> That was surprisingly easy
<pie_> :O
<IdleBot_85f8451c> In what direction? You can have a Wayland VM that can get more incoming Wayland connections than initially planned?
<qyliss> Well, more incoming sockets
<qyliss> Which can be Wayland connections
<qyliss> (And indeed that's why I wrote this)
<IdleBot_85f8451c> And you can have honest incoming sockets in a VM?
<IdleBot_85f8451c> Which I guess could have many incoming connections naturally…
<qyliss> No
<IdleBot_85f8451c> Which side requests the extra sockets? VM via some server?
<qyliss> These are virtio_wl sockets, which generally have to be interacted with using the virtio_wl ioctls
<qyliss> Although you can use read() and write() on them, like a pipe
<qyliss> But no send/recv/sendmsg/recvmsg
<qyliss> And you can't accept() on these
<qyliss> My motivation for making it possible to add new sockets at runtime is to work around the lack of accept()
<qyliss> Extra sockets are added my the host
<qyliss> I envision it working like: when a new application VM is started, the host code that starts that crosvm creates a socket pair and connects one end to the Wayland VM, and the other to the application VM
<IdleBot_85f8451c> Oh right, you can create two connected sockets that are both listening ones
<qyliss> Yeah
<IdleBot_85f8451c> And then you need to use a separate control socket to tell VM to actually connect to the new socket
<IdleBot_85f8451c> For the record: TWIS does make perfect sense to me this week
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