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<edrex> <hyperfekt "i'm still not sure i understand "> I want to explore a shell UI with deeply integrated "workspaces" that I can open and close, depending on task/context, while preserving state. For me that's the whole thing. I just find it annoying that most of the apps I use implement their own "session save/restore", and the resulting UX is super inconsistent. Feel like that should be a shell-level thing. But maybe VM
<edrex> freeze/restore is the wrong layer to try to implement such a thing.
<edrex> <MichaelRaskin "Within a reboot I think Graham h"> I'm interested in this. Is it a patch to a compositor, or using something like sway IPC for focus change detection?
<edrex> <puck "network transparent wayland prox"> Wayland passes DMABufs to clients yeah? so i guess the proxy has to do some frame copying to make this work?
<edrex> <ehmry "there was a talk on preserving s"> this reminds me of smalltalk VMs. i guess i want an os with that kind of capability. merge runtime state with on-disk persistence. but then isolate application instances ala spectrum. Very pie-in-the-sky. One can dream though :)
<edrex> sorry for starting an OT thread, but I really enjoyed everyone's responses, thanks
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> edrex: I think suspend/resume is done by launching everything in cgroups and then using Sway RPC.
<edrex> Makes sense. I guess sway doesn't freak out when clients become unresponsive?
<edrex> Is there a link, or just chat log? I might like to try it out. I experimented with sigstop on focus loss several years ago, maybe on i3?
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<puck> <edrex> <puck "[..]"> Wayland passes DMABufs to clients yeah? so i guess the proxy has to do some frame copying to make this work? <- yes. so part of this is to support multiple usecases; virtio-wl supports dmabufs, so we can set those up; i'm pretty sure i can force applications to discard certain buffers at runtime, and yeah i'll have to do some magic for e.g. remote wayland connections
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<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> I did not immediately find the auto-suspending code in gchristensen GitHub repos.
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