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<samueldr> well, the "next" step for phones is to somehow get the sentiment going for "phones as computers", rather than "phone as a fully integrated poorly updated experience"
<samueldr> but since computers may regress in that experience, it's going to be a double-uphill battle :/
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<IdleBot_85f8451c> Yeah, assuming trust for containers I am kind of halfway to object capabilities nowadays
<IdleBot_85f8451c> From the point of view of expressing what I want to grant to programs, CrosVM tooling is probably a step bacwards for me
<IdleBot_85f8451c> It looks like we are looking at a growing split between people who want to never remember computers are acomputing devices, and people who actually want computers
<hyperfekt> IdleBot_85f8451c: wdym by 'crosvm tooling'?
<hyperfekt> and if people won't or can't use full virtualization a container backend can be put behind that instead
<hyperfekt> it seems like everyone who uses nixos has built their own sandboxing tooling, i think lots could be gained if people were to standardize on a single API for defining permissions
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<IdleBot_85f8451c> I gave up on NixOS boot sequence, and my isolation tooling is integrated with other system management tooling…
<IdleBot_85f8451c> But most of it is just argument mangling wrappers for more cmofortable nsjail use
<IdleBot_85f8451c> But containers allow bind-mounting selected devices
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<zgrep> <hyperfekt> [...] i think lots could be gained if people were to standardize on a single API for defining permissions <-- Isn't this sort-of what Genode is trying to do? Just with a very different approach. :P
<hyperfekt> zgrep: that's very well possible - i haven't gottan good understanding of genode yet because every description is kind of generic and abstract - which i understand is kind of the point of genode, as it's mostly glue. but still i kind of want to know what kind of glue.