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<pie_> what if: spectrum on phones
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<hyperfekt> *what when
<adisbladis> when if?
<hyperfekt> no that would be -what +when
<hyperfekt> in my book asterisks are always followed by the phrase that is to replace another one, with the place inferred by the reader
<qyliss> Let's get Spectrum on computers first :P
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<samueldr> just saying, if hw acceleration is needed for virtualization, spectrum on phone will have a much more limited range of hardware
<samueldr> if we ignore security issues in early boot, all qualcomm-based hardware for phones disable the hypervisor stuff for ARM
<samueldr> if you're lucky enough to have one of those devices which have a security issue, it's a bit different
<samueldr> but then you have a security issue during early boot
<samueldr> though, this is all assuming "the phone you're more likely to already own", and not choosing a phone according to its ability to run spectrum natively in a good way
<hyperfekt> samuel don't crush my hopes you're the one who's supposed to make all our mobile dreams come true ^^
<hyperfekt> how long until we recruit graham for spectrum?