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<edrex> years.
<edrex> <pie_ "edrex: id say "neat" but i cant "> i've been more than my share of awkward on my friend's situation. i think he prefers people just say what they're thinking even if it's awkward, and he takes it all with a sense of humor and compassion. we were friends late teens, ~20 years ago, and he introduced me to a lot of the more advanced CS stuff. He was already symptomatic for MS, and it got progressively worse over the
<pie_> *nod*
<edrex> there are a number of interesting macro/accessibility/automation tools using libinput virtual devices. https://edrex-notes.pdxhub.org/wayland/input
<edrex> I need to look up what the actual API looks like for creating a virtual device, but I think it's something like a socket that you send a stream of events to, so that should be something that could be shared between domains
<edrex> actually i think i misunderstood the way those tools work. the virtual device is created in the kernel, eg https://gitlab.com/interception/linux/tools/-/blob/master/uinput.cpp#L454
<edrex> so, not sure how virtualizable that would be
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<IdleBot_85f8451c> pie_: edrex: I would expect VM freezing better than normal applications with sigstop (which do freeze almost acceptably if we are not talking across-reboots, ask Graham) not to be anywhere in the priority list.
<IdleBot_85f8451c> As the plan is to have shared memory to which both application VM and composer VM hold a memfd
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<qyliss> edrex: maybe I'm misunderstanding what this software does, but I'm not sure a virtual libinput device would cut it?
<qyliss> I'd assume it wants to do stuff like inspect WM state? Difficult to implement "move current window left" with libinput, although I suppose if you restrict yourself to things for which there are keyboard shortcuts it would be reasonable
<qyliss> edrex: freeze/restore is not a priority. It might work, it might not.
<qyliss> today is the first time I've ever run a VM image in crosvm that I didn't build myself
<qyliss> Running alpine in crosvm now for testing some things
<smrtak[m]> https://vpsadminos.org :: Do you know this project? Could it be potentially of any (partial) help towards spectrumOS creation?
<smrtak[m]> I am currently on qubesOS, but fell in love w/ Nixos (during presentation at our local hackerspace base48.cz) and I'd like spectrumOS project to suceed ;)
<qyliss> I was not aware of that
<qyliss> A quick look at it makes it look like not much could be reused, though
<qyliss> The use case of a VPS provider, where you want to let each virtual machine be managed independently, because they're run for different people, is very different from the use case of a Spectrum user, who wants to be able to run lots of virtual machines as if they were a single machine as much as possible
<qyliss> And, they're using LXC, so there's not going to be much shareable in terms of code for running VMs either
<qyliss> Looks cool, though!
<IdleBot_85f8451c> And if you are OK with containers and NixOS, Nix is actually quite convenient for nsjail/firejail/bubblewrap management
<IdleBot_85f8451c> It is annoying how many ways there are to fail to mount and write to a 9p share…
<IdleBot_85f8451c> qyliss: looks like I can 9p-mount a piece of my tmpfs with cache=none, edit a C file on the host, and GCC it inside CrosVM (on 9p-mounted tmp location) and run the result. 9p server is unpfs version from Nixpkgs
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<qyliss> Cool, thanks
<pie_> IdleBot_6d990540: hm. How bad could it be to get it to work across reboots? How hard could they be to reonstruct? and give them guids
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<JavierSpain> hi
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<IdleBot_6d990540> pie_: you are asking how hard it is to preserve memfd corresponding to memory shared with host across reboots, and moreover, make another VM aware of the same shared memory and its meaning?
<IdleBot_6d990540> I would assume this is a lot of work. Unless you switch to some protocol with the notion of reconnecting to the same session in the first place. Like vncserver/xmove. Not sure if there is an implementation of remote Wayland with full support for reconnection and for optimised shared-memory buffers at once.
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<qyliss> virtio_wl working on alpine!\
<qyliss> (why alpine? because hacking on libwayland-server with Nix would require huge rebuilds every time I wanted to test a change)
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<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> qyliss: well, that, or writing a quasi-makefile in Nix. Do you use ChromiumOS kernel with Alpine, or virtio_wl as an out-of-tree module?
<qyliss> Chromium OS kernel
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<cole-h> qyliss: I've been doing I don't even know what, but been meaning to get back to you about the crosvm suggestion (re type checking) -- I'll make a note to reply with my thoughts Soon™-ish; sorry for dropping off!
<qyliss> cole-h: sure, no hurry! and thanks!
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