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<qyliss> That's a good idea
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> Hehe, I guess you are entering the area where I have actual experience with setting up isolation…
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> (even if on a different foundation)
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> Actually, socket-passing might let you easily pass the store, and a build directory to use with nix-shell — so maybe even alpine is not needed for a reasonable flow
<qyliss> I think it still is
<qyliss> The annoying thing is that with Nix dependencies have to be rebuilt, not that I'd like incremental Wayland compilation
<qyliss> I suppose I could have used LD_LIBRARY_PATH
<qyliss> Or built everything in a nix-shell
<qyliss> But at that point it's easier to just drop Nix entirely I think
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> LD_LIBRARY_PATH is already used for video drivers in NixOS, after all. And you do not even need _all_ rev-deps (although GTK alone is large enough if you need it, granted)
<IdleBot_53cfaeb2> 9p and LD_LIBRARY_PATH also means that you do not actually need to develop inside the VM, but maybe you do not consider thsi a plus
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<cole-h> qyliss: Finally got around to sending my reply... x)